A Bit of Harmon History

The Harmon family businesses satisfy commercial customer needs with a comprehensive approach utilizing six areas of expertise.


The Harmon family businesses satisfy commercial customer needs with a comprehensive approach utilizing six areas of expertise. The areas include project development, logistics support, building construction and renovation, brokerage sales and leasing, property management, and project financing.

The six areas of expertise are centered in the three Harmon companies of NAI Harmon Group, Spartan Logistics, and Logan Creek Construction Company Customers experience one-stop shopping, saving time and money by working with seasoned professionals in determining cost-effective integrated solutions.

Ed Harmon founded Spartan Logistics in 1988 in Columbus, Ohio. Spartan originated as a warehouse and distribution provider to service a growing industrial base while taking advantage of a prime, central location. With continued growth, Spartan added a trucking fleet, additional staffing, and enhanced capabilities allowing the company to provide seamless pick-up, storage, product handling, and customer delivery. Custom-designed, management, and inventory control software enhanced Spartan's capabilities to provide a full range of state-of-the-art warehouse management, billing, electronic data transmission, label generation, and online tracking capabilities. Today, Spartan Logistics operates more than 300 employees, we operate over 3.5 million square feet of warehouse space strategically placed throughout Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, Missouri, Texas, and Arkansas. 

Logan Creek Construction Company was started in 1999 in Oregon, Ohio as the second of the Harmon Family business. The intent was to service existing clients’ building and renovation needs. The company's focus has been to design, build and construct facilities that satisfy the client's need to either own the building or to enter into a long-term lease with the facility being owned by outside investors. Customer niches range from automotive manufacturing and assembly to the handling of food-grade materials, glass, paper, and fragile, high-value products. Since then, the Harmon family businesses have grown and currently own and manage over 3,700,000 square feet of light manufacturing and distribution centers in ten states.

The desire to create a “one-stop-shop” to more efficiently serve commercial and industrial clients was the driving force behind the Harmon family’s venture to create Industrial Developers LTD which opened in 2013. This addition enabled the Harmon Family businesses to provide six key, customer-driven services: development, brokerage (including sales and leasing), construction/renovation, property management, project financing, and logistics support. To build on this venture in January of 2016, Industrial Developers LTD became NAI Harmon Group. This affiliation with NAI Global has allowed the company to expand its real estate arm on a national level. NAI Harmon Group is the leading independent commercial real estate brokerage, property management firm, and land developer based in Northwest, Ohio, and Southeast, Michigan. Currently, we list and manage a diverse portfolio of commercial property across the US. NAI Harmon Group has nearly a half-billion dollars invested nationally in Commercial Development, with a portfolio of over 15,000,000 SF in 16 States.

Executives at the Harmon businesses work with potential customers in assessing needs. Key points are developed in determining benefits, capabilities, location, method of financing, lease versus purchase, costs, and timetable. Once the components have been determined and an agreement reached, contracts are signed.

If the client desires to rent then financing is arranged utilizing equity partnerships and available resources with several regional and national banks, as well as insurance companies or bonding agents for higher dollar projects.

Logan Creek Construction is then engaged; obtaining drawings, subcontractor bids, and permits to either renovate an existing facility or build a new one. Logan Creek will then use a combination of national subcontractors plus local labor. This process ensures consistent quality, cost control, and adherence to timetables.

The Spartan businesses remain privately owned. With their seasoned management talent, they are well-positioned to provide the high-quality 3PL service of a national logistics provider at costs that add real value to the supply chain.

In 2010, Chairman, Ed Harmon was honored by a well-known international company as its “Top Vendor Partner” of the year. Most recently Mr. Harmon was recognized as a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year in Michigan and Northwest Ohio. At the national awards in early November in Palm Springs, Mr. Harmon was recognized in the top 35 in the Country.


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